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As with BADCP 2000 - 2002, this section was originally for contacting the site with hate mail, comments, or questions. There was an e-mail link for contacting the kings of commentary, along with something about GamePro and EGM staff being assholes.

What's new about BADCP 2003 - 2005 [Re-Mastered]? Formatting issues with The Punisher tribute article Koriru were fixed, making the article flow as it was originally intended to. Soul Calibur II article Time (Our Sworn Enemy) was visually-enhanced the way it was originally planned, and P.N.03 article Product Number Zero-Three was extended with an extra Stacks section (Vanessa's Wardrobe). Visual enhancement was also planned for the Fire Shark article, but the content was lost somehow in touring throughout the years.

In addition, all featured artwork on this site is copyright of their respective developers and/or artists. The writers of this site in no way claim production of featured artwork. The artwork on this site is presented as a means of preservation, so that the artists and/or developer's work lives on in respect to the quality of their work. In other words, this site contains artwork from various titles of various genres from various artists, but recognizes the copyrights that protect the artwork. Also, any references, quotes, and/or names of songs and/or bands are used in recognition of the rights of their respective authors, and no infringement of any type is intended. The names may be used in the manner of a tribute.

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Mom and Grandpa; the never-ending support is everything to me. Those who have supported me: Dave H (I can't thank you enough), Breevin (for the support, and for letting me sleep on your floor), RB ("my dick is gonna explode"), Harris (for supplying the best hardware and software), Tigs (for playing Strikers 1945 II until we literally got sick), Bulging Baby's Arm Shimada (countless Gotcha Force bouts), MeGu (for your help with the FF2 shots). Thanks go to everyone who has helped me out along the way, and to any who I forgot; I appreciate your help and support! Thanks also to past members of the site, and to Angelfire for giving us the space needed to keep this site running.

[ Design ] = Tools
BAD uses Notepad, Dreamweaver, and Paint Shop Pro 6 design software, and Genesis, SNES, DreamCast, and PlayStation 2 Ascii and Hori control hardware.

[ Inspiration ] = The Creation Process
In addition to the mentioned design tools, this site was created with inspirational help from Terror, Ringworm, Freya, Snapcase, Hatebreed, No Innocent Victim, All Out War, Premonitions Of War, Scars Of Tomorrow, Poison The Well, Grade, Dead To Fall, Martyr AD, Hopesfall, The Hope Conspiracy, American Nightmare / Give Up The Ghost, Throwdown, Most Precious Blood, Candiria, Union 13, Shai Hulud, Sick Of It All, Dead - Reforce, Darkest Hour, Fallen Altar, Between The Buried And Me, Bury Your Dead, Converge, Unearth, Deftones, and Korn.

[ No Thanks ] = Please Die
No respect to the assholes who nearly got me killed. I will always hate you motherfuckers for everything you did to me. With people like you, the world will continue to deteriorate, spiraling out of control into a wasteland of obliterated hopes and dreams. People like you back-stabbing rats make me fucking sick. I'll take my hate for you to the grave.